Hi folks,

There are a bunch of unresolved JIRAs assigned with the 0.9 fix-for
(http://s.apache.org/VnH). I resolved or updated a few that were
obviously complete or not started in 0.9, but there are 17 remaining
that need attention from folks involved with the JIRA or who know
something about the code involved. Can folks please take a look?

Similarly, there are 11 unresolved JIRAs marked fix-for 0.10
(http://s.apache.org/ytK). Some are listed as blockers, more are not.
It would be good to tidy them up before the release.

The 0.11 fix-for version is already available if needed.

Beyond that, there are 241 unresolved JIRAs with no fix-for
(http://s.apache.org/fod). If feels like they could do with being
given a look over and updated too, as thats just over 1/4 of the JIRAs
ever created for Proton.


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