Hi everybody,

We are using proton-j Messenger to build clients that subscribe to an AMQP 
broker to get messages from a queue.
It all works fine, we are getting messages and are able to process them.
However, we observe 2 behaviours concerning connections when the clients run 
for a long time:

1.       After a couple of hours, it seems that the broker resets the 
connection (see attached proton_conn_reset.log). After that, the client never 
gets messages again and seems to hang in the Messenger.recv() method. Is there 
a possibility to recover the messenger after connection resets, i.e. try to 

2.       When the connection gets lost, the messenger crashes (see attached 
proton_conn_lost.log) with an IllegalArgumentException. Again, is there a 
possibility to recover from that, i.e. trigger the client to try to reconnect a 
certain number of times until the connection is available again?
At the moment, the only possibility we see is to create a new messenger that 
tries to connect to the broker again. But this would require to get notified 
that the connection was reset, which is not the case because the IOException 
caused by the connection reset is swallowed somewhere and the caller to recv() 
is not aware of the fact that something went wrong.

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