-1 unfortunately.

I've been testing against Dispatch and I'm seeing lots of timeouts on the tests.

It turns out that pn_read_frame is used to parse text that is not a frame header. It's actually the AMQP header so it interprets the string "AMQP" as the frame length. Now that we're testing frames against the max-frame-size, this causes a framing error which drops the connection.

It's interesting to note that this mis-parse is not a regression. It's been happening all along but was not noticed because "AMQP" is much larger than the typical number of available bytes. Before RC2, pn_read_frame would simply return zero for this non-frame and things muddled along more or less correctly.


On 08/10/2015 02:34 PM, Robbie Gemmell wrote:
Hi all,

I have put up a second cut for 0.10, please test it and vote accordingly.

This fixes a crash (PROTON-976) reported against the previous spin,
and adds a known issue (PROTON-975) of possible failure using the
DIGEST-MD5 mechanism against non-proton servers.

The release archive and sig/checksums can be grabbed from:

Maven artifacts for the Java bits can be found in a temporary staging repo at:


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