On Mon, 2015-08-10 at 14:32 +0000, Dominic Evans wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> -----aconway <acon...@redhat.com> wrote: -----
> > I don't see any pn_message_copy function in the proton library, is 
> > there an
> > efficient way to make an independent copy of a message? I can 
> > encode and
> > decode but that seems like a long way around.
> I actually had a patch lying around to add pn_message_copy() that I'd 
> been
> using for a C++ wrapper, but never pushed upstream as I didn't know 
> if anyone
> else would ever need it.
> Attached fwiw.

I need it, I am sure I am not alone! There's no attachment, probably
stripped by the list, anyway it needs to be in a JIRA for legal
checkbox. Please make one and assign it to me. Thanks!


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