I posted this question to qpid-users, but I didn't get any reply, so I am
trying my luck on this sub forum. 

My requirement is to immediately accept/acknowledge the received message and
send the ack to the sender, which in my case SwiftMQ AMQP server 

Here is what I am roughly doing.. 

pn_messenger_get(messenger, message); 
pn_tracker_t tracker = pn_messenger_incoming_tracker(messenger); 
pn_messenger_accept(messenger, tracker, 0); 
pn_messenger_work(messenger, 0);           

Without the last line the sender does not get the ack immediately. With that
line in place everything works, but I get often crashes on assertion 

qpid-proton-0.10/proton-c/src/messenger/messenger.c:1022: pni_pump_in:
Assertion `messenger->distributed' failed. 

which asserts that messenger->distributed is greater than zero. 

Am I doing something I shouldn't. Is there any other way to send the ack to
the sender immediately? 


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