It looks like SwiftMQ is configured to require SASL authentication. If you supply authentication credentials (even "anonymous"), I believe this will work.


On 10/02/2015 09:05 AM, Michael Ivanov wrote:

I am trying to run proton 0.10 client with SwiftMQ router and I'm getting the 
following errors:

   3 2015-10-02 15:24:08.42/sys$amqp/ERROR/VersionedConnection, 
connection= header received:
[ProtocolHeader, name=AMQP, id=0, major=1, minor=0, revision=0], required:
[ProtocolHeader, name=AMQP, id=3, major=1, minor=0, revision=0], closing 

Swift MQ mailing list claims this is a proton issue :-\

Is there any hope to get a fix?

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