I see that following function pn_message_encode() returns -2 with send.c

My findings, Kindly review the below code:

Changes made to fix is highlighted in bold, What is the significance of
passing '1' first node? 

int *pni_data_traverse*(pn_data_t *data,
                      int (*enter)(void *ctx, pn_data_t *data, pni_node_t
                      int (*exit)(void *ctx, pn_data_t *data, pni_node_t
                      void *ctx)
  *pni_node_t *node = data->size ? pn_data_node(data, data->current) :
  //pni_node_t *node = data->size ? pn_data_node(data,* 1*) : NULL;

Thanks in Advance

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