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> Any hint from some experimented with this topic PLEASE
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Hi tourili,

I'm afraid I don't have any real experience of using Event Hubs,
Android, Messenger, or combinations thereof, instead mostly
using/developing proton-j as a pure protocol engine used within other
components such as the JMS client or brokers like ActiveMQ. I can
however try to answer some of your questions.

The 'AndroidProton' you referred to in your original post looks to be
a wrapper of a JNI based Java binding for proton-c which existed in
the main repo previously. That JNI binging was removed perhaps a
couple of years ago or longer.

Messenger in general is not seeing a lot of activity of late (and
never really did for its proton-j port), with most developer attention
recently instead going toward more general reactive API work.

The reactive work is more developed in the other languages/bindings,
but there is a Reactor impl in proton-j that could form the basis of
some of the slightly higher level work done in the other languages. I
dont have any real experience with this either, but I believe folks
are using it directly already to implement their applications/clients.
You can see some example of it in the examples/java/reactor dir, e.g.
the Send class (the Recv class actually is a listener that accepts
incoming connections, such as those made by Recv).


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