Hello Folks,

Need help getting a feature into proton-0.12 release train – the feature 
request JIRA : PROTON-1096<https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PROTON-1096> 
(corresponding to the GitHub pull request: 

My bad. I pushed this change just before the fork of 0.12-alpha and created 
this feature request against the release 0.12. I downloaded 0.12-alpha (tar.gz) 
and built it and found that this pull-request missed Alpha. Can someone please 
help how to get on to 0.12…

PS: We (Windows Azure EventHubs team) are very close to releasing a JavaClient 
for EventHubs based on 0.12 and badly need this feature for enabling a very 
crucial scenario. Appreciate your help.


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