Hello Folks!

Couple of Questions on Proton-j Reactor usage-pattern:

1. In the current version of proton-j: 1 Reactor instance is tied to 1 
connection – is there any way to associate 1 Reactor per Link.
Or in other words, If there are multiple links attached to one Connection, 
which is handled by one Reactor instance - What is the recommendation to use 
reactor in such a way that One link will not impact others – the unhandled 
exceptions and the time it takes to process.
Here’s the Problem: When one of the links perform I/O upon any event dispatched 
(ex: onDelivery) by the Reactor pump – all other links are starving for 
messages as that I/O is blocking the thread in which reactor.run() – which 
absolutely makes sense from Reactor pump (the reactor.run()) perspective. 

2. What is the Best way to gracefully Stop the Reactor.
In our Tests – where we  are Starting a Reactor per testclass and calling 
reactor.free as part of class cleanup – throws exception: 
Do we need to handle this by try-catch’ing the reactor.run() block ?

Thanks a lot for such a Wonderful Collaboration!

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