On 13 February 2016 at 08:59, Garlapati Sreeram Kumar <sreer...@live.com> wrote:
> Hello All!
> Question on reactor framework expected behavior:
> - I am implementing an AmqpClient (for Azure EventHubs) and using 
> reactor.connection(connxnHandler) to get a new out-bound connection and then 
> creating sessions & Links (lets say a tree of 1 connxn – 1 session – 5 links).
> What happens on an event of socket errors? Is there a way to recover from the 
> connection error and retain the same Connection-Session-Link hierarchy ? My 
> question is more towards does Reactor provide any hooks to perform this Or do 
> I need to maintain this mapping and recover from the situation.
> Thanks!
> Sree

I think with the proton-j reactor you probably need to maintain the
mapping and recover currently. There is the idea of 'rebinding' the
Connection etc to a new Transport, which I believe some of the
proton-c language bindings use to support reconnect in slightly
higher-level reactive APIs built atop the C reactor, but I can't say
I've used that rebind ability with proton-j and there isn't as yet an
equivalent in proton-j for that higher level reactive API work, just
the core reactor itself.


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