On 13 February 2016 at 00:28, Andrew Buckley <and...@microsoft.com> wrote:
> I'm using the reactor with Proton-J and have noticed that there is a 2-4 
> second delay between when I call send() on a particular link and when that 
> transfer frame actually goes out. Is this expected behavior? If so, are there 
> plans to improve on this? And if not, have you seen this in any other 
> scenario and might you have any ideas what could be causing it?
> Thanks,
> -Andrew Buckley

Hi Andrew,

While im no expert on the reactor, I'd be surprised if that was
expected, and I can't say I'm aware of it being mentioned before.

One thing that springs to mind from previous discussion [about
proton-c reactor] is that when the reactor has a particular thread
dedicated to running it, it sets a 3141ms timeout on its selector
meaning it wakes up at that period when it is 'quiesced' (has nothing
to do). Seems like perhaps that could be related given your note of

Do you have an example showing the behaviour?


(added proton@ as well, in case anyone only paying attention there has thoughts)

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