Ganesh Murthy created PROTON-1135:

             Summary: By default the flag that allows AMQP SASL and OPEN frames 
to be pipelined must be turned off 
                 Key: PROTON-1135
             Project: Qpid Proton
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: proton-c
    Affects Versions: 0.12.0
            Reporter: Ganesh Murthy

Dispatch router (which uses Proton-c) sends pipelined SASL and OPEN frames by 
default like shown in the following trace - 
[0x7f41f80079c0]:  -> SASL
[0x7f41f80079c0]:0 -> @sasl-init(65) [mechanism=:ANONYMOUS, 
[0x7f41f80079c0]:  -> AMQP
[0x7f41f80079c0]:0 -> @open(16) [container-id="Qpid.Dispatch.Router.A", 
max-frame-size=65536, channel-max=32767, idle-time-out=8000, 
properties={:product="qpid-dispatch-router", :version="0.6.0"}]
[0x7f41f80079c0]:  <- SASL
[0x7f41f80079c0]:0 <- @sasl-mechanisms(64) [sasl-server-mechanisms=:ANONYMOUS]
[0x7f41f80079c0]:0 <- @sasl-outcome(68) [code=0]
[0x7f41f80079c0]:  <- AMQP
[0x7f41f80079c0]:0 <- @open(16) 
[container-id="ce103199-af03-4d37-bb35-24ad4e55653e", channel-max=32767, 
idle-time-out=8000, offered-capabilities=@PN_SYMBOL[:"ANONYMOUS-RELAY"], 
properties={:product="qpid-cpp", :version="0.35", :platform="Linux", 
As per the AMQP 1.0 spec - the OPEN frame is sent after the SASL exchange is 
complete as shown below - 
TCP Client         TCP Server
AMQP%d3.1.0.0 --------->
                          <--------- AMQP%d3.1.0.0
<SASL negotiation>
AMQP%d0.1.0.0 --------->
(over SASL secured connection)
                            <--------- AMQP%d0.1.0.0
open --------->
                            <--------- open
Proton should by default turn off the flag that enables sending pipelined OPEN 

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