+1 on Alan's comments

Qpid has lots of components and a single cohesive user list as the "entry point" is the best way to foster community IMHO.


On 24/03/16 21:29, Alan Conway wrote:
On Thu, 2016-03-24 at 18:23 +0000, Troy Daniels wrote:
This was also the only mailing list that I found a reference to when
I was
looking at the proton site.  Which makes me agree that you (or at
the documentation) are trying to recruit developers rather than
users. :-)
It is a historical accident I think. The Qpid project has a lot of
interesting and inter-related things going on around AMQP. Proton is an
important sub-project but not the only one. In the early days it was
felt by some that proton really needed its own list, but I think in
practice that has turned out to be a bad idea that just isolates and
breaks up discussions. The user list is not so heavily trafficked and
most interesting discussions that touch on proton also touch on other
Qpid projects. So I generally post to the user list but I keep an eye
on this one.

I'd change the reference on the site if I wasn't afeared of a
firestorm. Anyone who objects please complain on the proton list only

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