Hello All!

We are using the Proton-J 0.12.0 Amqp library – and built Event Hubs Java Amqp 
Client on Reactor framework - 

Please validate my assumption w.r.to Sender Flow control:
- Current Expectation from Reactor APIs is that – on Sender Link – wait for the 
onLinkFlow(Event) and rely on 
to know how many more messages can be Sent on the Link. Proton amqp layer will 
interpret the FlowFrame and do-the-math of deliveryCounts of Sender and 
Receiver and the New Credit issued by the Sender.
- This API Contract essentially means that, Frameworks building atop Reactor 
API – will need to implement FlowControl (will queue-up all the Messages until 
it receives the FlowFrame).

Do you folks have plans to move this functionality of flow control into the 
Proton-API offering – as every implementation will need it.


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