Hello All!

I am using Proton-J reactor API (Version 0.12.0) for receiving AMQP Messages 
(from Microsoft Azure Event Hubs): 

Am using the onDelivery(Event) callback to receive messages. I really 
appreciate your help with this issue/behavior:

ISSUE: I noticed that the last few messages on the Queue are not being issued 
to onDelivery(Event) callback by the Reactor
- Then, I went ahead and enabled proton Frame tracing (PN_TRACE_FRM=1) and 
discovered that the Transfer frames corresponding to those messages were not 
even delivered to Client. Then, I looked at our Service Proton Frames and can 
clearly see that they are being delivered by the Service. And other AMQP 
clients (for ex: .net client can see the Transfer frames)
- Is this a known behavior? 
Does Reactor code path disable Nagle on underlying socket – could this be 
related? or is there any other Configuration that we should be setting to see 
all Transfer frames received on the Socket?

Please advice.

Thanks a lot in Advance!

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