I use a file that extends and overwrites some prototype methods.
URL: http://aka-fotos.de/research/prototype/js/extendedPrototype0.2.js

Some examples - the following ones extend Element.methods

visible: function(element) {
  return Element.getStyle(element, 'display') != 'none';
For me it's better because, if an element is visible, is not
exclusively defined by style attributes.

setOpacity: function(element, opacity) {
        var el = $(element);

        try {el.style.opacity = opacity;} catch(e) {}
        try {el.style.MozOpacity = opacity;} catch(e) {}
        try {el.style.filter = 'alpha(opacity='+Math.round(opacity *
100)+')';} catch(e) {}
        try {el.style.KhtmlOpacity = opacity;} catch(e) {}
Useful to set cross-browser opacity, but how I see it seems to be
implemented in prototype 1.5 stable.

* And some extensions for show and hide, for me it's a more complex
hide: function(element) {
        if (Element.visible(element)) {
                element = $(element);
                element._display = element.style.display;
                element.style.display = 'none';
show: function(element) {
        if (!Element.visible(element)) {
                element = $(element);
                element.style.display =
                        typeof element._display == 'undefined' ?
                                (element.style.display ?
                                        '' :
                                        Element.getDisplayType(element)) :
getDisplayType: function(element) {
        return ['BLOCKQUOTE', 'DIV', 'FORM', 'P', 'TABLE']
                .include(element.nodeName) ? 'block' : 'inline';
I think it's important because the display defines whether I have a
block or an inline element. And I want to save the original display, if
it was defined by style and not by stylesheet.

Prototype is very inspiring and useful for my daily work. Thank for
this library, it's the best I can find.


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