I like the idea of being able to remove a group of event listeners. But I am 
not sure if I like the idea of adding the extra argument.

Perhaps it should be a separate thing - an EventGroup class that handles these 
specific behaviours. So you could use it only when you need it.


Maybe something like:


EventGroup.add('myGroupId', Event.observe('elmId', 'event', Handler));





I guess my point is: Keep the normal Event class simple and add extra 
functionality in another layer.





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Mislav Marohnic
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Emne: [Prototype-core] Re: Improved mass-observer handling


On 1/29/07, Colin Mollenhour <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

        I want to be able to clean up all events for a widget or whatever else 
without having to know what elements have observers, or even having to know 
what elements have been added or are related to what I'm trying to cleanup. 

I'm interested in what others have to say about the idea.


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