Am 31.01.2007 um 17:04 schrieb ampz:

> After I read Prototype API and try it some, I love it much.
> It's a powerful javascript framework and really easy to use.
> But I feel something has miss in prototype like,
> ··· Everything put in one file and cannot separate ···
> I think prototype may have feature to load other script into
> prototype.
> Because this will make prototype user can load only needed part.

The different parts of Prototype require each other. Also, gzipped,  
Prototype is 15k. No need to split things.

> ··· Prototype is easy to use but not enough ···
> Imagine that if you can use prototype by GUI...
> I think this will make web developer not only painless, but smile.
> Not only this, it will make number of prototype users grow up much
> also.
> My opinion, this GUI may be plug-ins of other well known application
> like,
> Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio .NET, Dreamweaver, ...

Go ahead implementing this, but note that Prototype is more low-level  
than typical GUI components you'll deal with in those frameworks. I  
find coding my hand _much_ faster than dealing with awkward IDEs.

> ··· Standard for further implement isn't specific yet ···
> Nowaday I see many ajax, javascript framework using prototype.
> But I see many not follow prototype scripting style, they code on
> their behavior. (...)
> This not effect anything, just not make sense for coder.
> Note: Standard like, how to declare type of parameter, return type,
> way to code and extend function, etc.

The site will probably have more info on coding  
conventions and coding "tricks", so subscribe to the RSS feed and  
watch out... :)

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