Hello everyone,

I have a little trouble porting stuff to from prototype 1.4 to 1.5.
Some has to do with ticket #3592, where the results of filters on  
enumerables are discussed. As long as this patch is not accepted I  
could just patch the behaviour for myself, overloading Enumerables  
reject and findAll methods after loading prototype.js.
This would work, because the Enumerable methods were copied to the  
Hash object _when_creating_a_new_Hash_.

Now with 1.5 that cannot be done anymore, because the Enumerable  
methods are copied to the Hash _prototype_, from where they are  
copied by JS when instatiating a new Hash via the new operator.
So effectively to overwriite Enumerable methods I would have to  
reextend Hash.prototype with Enumerable after applying my fixes on  
Enumerable (the same goes for Array and Range and future Enumerable  

Now my question is: What is the advantage of the new Hash  
implementation? Why did Class.create not suffice? I can see added  
complexity but no real gain, since Enumerable is not really in the  
prototype chain of Hash, its methods are just copied to the Hashes  

Please don't think I want to troll around, I am really appreciating  
your work.
I have a lot of code depending on Prototype and there is just so much  
broken now.
On the other hand I would not want to miss on features and  
improvements by staying on 1.4, you see.


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