Colin Mollenhour wrote:
> But, I don't think the overhead of a bind call and the storage of an
> object with a function for EACH event observed is justifiable, just to
> have the convenience of:
>   handle.stopObserving();
> rather than:
>   Event.stopObserving(handle);
Colin, your patch is superb.  Thanks!

I completely agree. Memory usage and speed far outweigh the syntactic 
sugar gained by returning an object.

I've been doing a lot of research on the subject of Event registration.  
It made me question: do we really need to detach listeners in IE on 
unload?  Unless anyone knows for sure, I plan to test.  It might make 
sens to turn off caching by default _if_ detaching IE listeners on 
unload is unnecessary.  Also, I think we can remove the try-catch blocks 
on lines 116 and 125 of your patch because exceptions should never be 
generated (see
more testing...


P.S. Just to share my research, let me summarize the Event registry 
issues: (via and others)

1. In IE, "this" inside the attached function refers to "window".
2. In IE, events always bubble.
3. The new W3C Event attribute "eventListenerList" is not yet 
implemented in any browser.
4. Legacy browsers (NS4,IE4,IE5/Mac) do not support multiple event 
5. Some browsers prefer keydown over keypress.
6. Safari will return text nodes as targets.

1. Prototype cleverly circumvents the first: Prototype provides 
Function.bindAsEventListener() and Event.element(event) to reliably find 
the target element.  I say clever because other solutions (such as 
attaching the function to the element: 
end up causing more problems than they solve.  Incidentally, I find that 
passing arguments to Function.bind() and Function.bindAsEventListener() 
often makes using Event.element() unnecessary.

2. Prototype solution: In both models Event.stop() stops bubbling if 

3. Prototype solution: To be addressed through caching (i.e. Colin's patch!)

4. Prototype solution: Do not support legacy browsers (hallelujah)

5. Prototype solution: Simple detection

6. Prototype solution: none.  Should we patch Event.element() with an 
additional line?

Event.element = function(event) {
  var target = || event.srcElement;
  return target && target.nodeType == 3 ? target.parentNode : target;

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