Although Opera 9 is *not* officially supported by Prototype, it passes
nearly all tests.

It would be great to be able to officialy support Opera 9 in upcoming
versions of Prototype.

This would at least imply dealing with the currently failing tests.
Here's a list for Opera 9.02 (on Mac OSX 10.4).

in form.js:
* testFormActivating and
* testFormRequest.

in position.js:
* testWithin.

in dom.js:
* testElementUpdateInTableRow,
* testElementUpdateInTable,
* testElementGetStyle and
* testElementReadAttribute.

As you see, there's not that much to do (although there might be other
issues that the unit tests don't cover).

So if anybody is willing to help me out on this issue, that would be
very much appreciated.


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