> Well, we don't have $continue anymore, so no point in discussing that bit.

Ah yes, just noticed that. Good work!

About $break... I'm not sure whether this feature is good or just a
> performance/debugging hog, but I'm definitely sure I almost never use it
> myself (same in Ruby). When I iterate over a collection I want to complete
> the whole collection. When I only want to find certain stuff I use detect or
> findAll. Still, detect depends on break functionality. Maybe the method call
> roll its own $break, slimming down the original each?

I think this is definitely the way to go.  As performance is important it
seems like a bad idea to  slow all loops down because of the rarely used

Remember - forEach and others in JavaScript 1.6 don't have break. Each user
> has to roll its own explicitly. Maybe we can turn Enumerable.each from
> implicit break functionality to explicit (optional)?

How would you implement this optionally?

Dan Webb

Event Wax (http://www.eventwax.com)

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