If you bleeding-edgers do an SVN update you'll notice that there's a
new selectors branch.  The version of selector.js contained therein is
another major advancement from the previous version (attached to patch
#7658).  Christophe's excellent code reviews and revisions have been
indispensible; now that this code is in SVN I hope all interested Core
team members will pitch in.

You'll notice that selector.js now has many, many more lines of code
than it did before. In the name of optimization I was forced to write
bare-bones versions of functions that exist elsewhere in the framework
(document.getElementsByClassName, Element.next/prev, etc.) so that I
can squeeze every possible millisecond out of the matching logic.
Until it's abundantly clear which are worthwhile and which are
extraneous, I'm simply writing code for every possible optimization I
can think of.  Happily, the benefits are being reaped in the
benchmarks: see the updated test page (http://andrewdupont.net/test/
double-dollar) for illustration.

I'd really like to go into more detail about all this, but my eyes
refuse to remain open. I might try to write more tomorrow morning.


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