Hey Thomas,

Thomas Fuchs a écrit :
> Do you guys need benchmarking results? If yes, in what form? :)

We currently have two benchmarking ways:

- One that you haven't seen yet, that I'll commit to the branch in a 
moment: a switchable benchmark addition to the unit test page (disabled 
by default).  I used it in my benchmarking so far.  What I do with this 
one is, once all tests pass in the browsers I have at hand (at a 
minimum, FF2 and Konq3.5), I enable benchmarking, and run the page three 
times, then use the average for each benchmark.

- One through Andrew's online benchmarking page, which you all know about.

I guess we're interested in the tabular form of such benchmarks.  For 
the second option, it's sort of a table dump :-)  For the first variant, 
it has to be put together by hand (or scripted away).  I use one column 
by benchmark call, then one column by tested browser.  Here is what it 
looked like as of yesterday evening in my latest mail to Andrew:

   Test         FF2/XPath       Konq3.5/JS
   >            0.741           1.329
   +            0.737           0.775
   ~            0.815           1.083
   [^=]         0.870           1.794
   [$=]         0.865           1.778
   [*=]         0.818           1.746
   dups         0.915           1.451
   :first-child 0.837           1.114
   :last-child  0.835           1.115
   :only-child  0.805           1.051

So yes, we'd be interested in benchmarking on Safari, Opera9, MSIE6, 

However, if I were you, I'd wait for my (very close) commit to the 
branch, which fixes numerous bugs and adds tests and benchmarking to the 
unit test page :-)

Christophe Porteneuve aka TDD

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