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> Right,
> Ya I would say server solutions are best, but you can always combine
> them. Anways its just a little somethin. I figured having proper semi
> colons n what is prolly worth the dload 8). Its always nice to have
> options.

Agreed.  This doesn't bother me at all as long as we don't have to
support compressed versions :-)

It should be noted that gzipping is not a universal solution, since
IE6 exhibits occasional problems with gzipped content  (unless the
user has installed a particular hotfix, but you can't be certain of
that).  So it's best not to serve gzipped content to IE6, even if it
claims it can handle it.

For this reason, I can see why people want to minify and compress
JavaScript.  I don't use Packer personally -- though I think it's a
great tool, it requires syntax that's far too rigid than what we're
comfortable with.  (I don't mind the semicolon requirement, but
requiring braces for one-line IF statements is beyond the pale.)  So
you're quite welcome to clean up the syntax and distribute packed
versions of Prototype on your own.

Allow me also to recommend Dojo ShrinkSafe [1], which does not have
any syntax requirements above and beyond what an interpreter needs
(since it uses Rhino to parse the JS).  It won't give you the same
compression level that gzip or Packer would, but it's a lot better
than nothing.


[1] http://alex.dojotoolkit.org/shrinksafe/

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