I've just commited [6194], the event branch. It holds improvements for IE as
well as simple observer removal. This is a rewrite of half of the old Event
module, so check it out (functional tests inside).

But it doesn't stop there. Ken Snyder and Colin Mollenhour have been
collaborating on #7435 that enhances the Event module with a new cache
system and some API extensions for bulk observer removing. Maybe some of
those ideas are worthy, so I'd like to have other's opinions.

Meanwhile, Colin, Christian Schaefer, Ryan Gahl and Seth Dillingham were
having a discussion about custom events / messaging system. Some of the
existing implementations (links below) were compared and discussed. We all
want it to be lightweight, but it also must be solid! Of course, the API has
to be beautiful, too :)

Also, what about that Safari text-node event target thing? Should we have a
fix for that also?

Comments, ideas, contributions welcome.


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