Hey Richard,

Richard Quadling a écrit :
> But this doesn't give me a .inspect() method and there is no
> Object.create() method.

Of course.  Why would it?  If you look at Prototype's source, you'll see 
that any object having an inspect method implements it (Array, String, 
Hash, and the like).  This is because nobody can guess for you what 
inspect() should do for your specific class.

There is also no such thing as Object.create.  Anywhere.  Except for 
Class.create.  Creating a new object is done using the "new" operator, 
as in:

        var fpn = new class_FaxPageNumber();

> NOTE: I only want to define the class to inherit the Object methods.

Prototype classes don't inherit a thing.  They only provide a initialize 
convention for the constructor, and Object.extend spares you having to 
manually deal with the native JS syntax, which is slightly more outlandish.

Christophe Porteneuve aka TDD

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