Thanks for taking the time to write that up. I think you and I are
more on the same page than we thought, your example looks very similar
in structure to my example. I would be completely happy with what you
proposed except for the redundancy.  Since Prototype already does
global caching (only reason being *currently* is for IE cleanup) I
don't think there is a good clean way to do your own caching without
keeping duplicate references to everything which is something I really
don't want to do.

Mislav's and Andrew's patch has the same characteristics as the
original Event class in that the global caching is still done
internally (although only for IE). My patch separates the global
caching from the adding/removing process (keeping the original API for
backwards compatibility).

Also, I should point out that the 6194 build has a pretty major
problem in IE... When you call stopObserving, the Observer is never
removed from the globalCache!  This is still an improvement over the
original cache system which doesn't remove the
[element,type,handler,useCapture] array from the global cache in
either IE or FF! My changes to the 6194 build fixes this and another
IE related bug.

Mislav, how do I submit a patch to the new event branch? I'd really
like you to look at the changes I made in
but that would probably be a lot easier if I submitted a formal patch.


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