On 2/27/07, Colin Mollenhour <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Mislav's and Andrew's patch has the same characteristics as the
> original Event class in that the global caching is still done
> internally (although only for IE).

Not only for IE anymore - how else could we remove all handlers from an
element at once :)

Mislav, how do I submit a patch to the new event branch?

Checkout the branch (as you would the trunk), make changes to your local
copy of it, svn diff and upload to Trac or paste to Pastie (pastie.caboo.se

You got me lost in the lengthy discussion and tons on inline (!) pastes (try
Pastie, please). What exactly are you missing from the Event module now?
Just properly cleaning the internal cache on (bulk) stopObserving, or
something more than that?

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