> Lastly, why don't I add this functionality separately instead of
> trying to get Prototype patched? It is because the Event class does
> it's own caching in such a way that cannot be extended, so such
> efforts would be duplicating the caching and over-complicating cleanup
> procedures.

This is where I was taking issue before. You incur no real performance or
memory hits by keeping an extra reference (if you wanted a local caching
policy for a class, that is). 2 references to the same object do not more
memory take.

Sigh... we just disagree on what point this stuff needs to be added. I
really think just a simple wrapper is fine, that the core is not the place
to go throwing this in. If a wrapper just wasn't possible, I can see it.

But, I'm not really passionate about my position. So this will my final
spout about it :-)

Good luck with the patch.

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