Am 12.03.2007 um 18:12 schrieb Richard Quadling:

> strip only removes leading and trailing spaces.
> I DO see though, that the regex version is a little nicer to read and
> I'll be see if it is faster than the string manip version I have.
> trim/ltrim/rtrim allow for arbitrary characters to be removed,
> removing quotes or dot, etc.

Just use gsub. I don't think adding methods like these adds too much  
value here.

> makePlural and addCommas are both currently English (i.e. s is for
> Plural, cat/cats).
> You can use alternative plurals...
> '10'.makePlural('box', '', 'es') == 10 boxes
> '1'.makePlural('lad', 'y', 'ies') == 1 lady
> '10'.makePlural('lad', 'y', 'ies') == 1 ladies
> So, you can supply your own appropriate single/plural suffix.
> As there is no standard, even in english, I took the normal english  
> version.

I can imagine some version of the Rails pluralize helper added, but  
without the magic Inflector stuff Rails does.

Here's the API docs for that one: 

You'll notice that some of the other methods are already implemented  
in Prototype.


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