This is a good idea. I think that since we're putting clean browser
detection inside of Prototype now we should make it as useful as
possible. Rather than using a simple Boolean value for the various
values inside Prototype.Browser we should have the actual version
number. All values inside of Prototype.Browser that aren't the browser
the user is using will still be a falsey value and having a version
number (either as a string or as a floating point number (which could
limit it's usefulness, so this should be considered)) will still
evaluate as true due to value truthyness in JavaScript.

I would like to toss my vote into the ring here for this feature.


On 3/13/07, seb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I like the new Prototype.Browser for browser detection. As I am
> working on a SVG application, I need to know WebKit version as webkit
> version < 420 does not handle SVG. It will be great to have something
> like Prototype.Browser.WebkitVersion or even simplier
> Prototype.Browser.Webkit could be 0 or WebKit version.
> I did my own code for that but may be it could be interested to have
> it in Prototype.
> Seb
> >

Eric Ryan Harrison

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