First thanks for your great job, it helps me to make robuste js
framework :)

Just one thing, it is seriously plainfull to integrate your framework
on a existing large

application which uses the  for ( var val in array )  structure.

It is sometime not possible to use prototype and it is a shame...

Why not use the delegate pattern encapsuling a [] ?

In that way, we could still use classic Array and powerfull of

Code should be something like this :

Abstract.Array = Class.create();

Object.extend(Abstract.Array.prototype, {

    initialize: function() {
                this.delegate = [];

    push:function(value) {
   // other Array methods delegate

var $A = Abstract.Array.from = function(iterable) {
    if (!iterable) return new Abstract.Array();
    if (iterable.toArray) {
        return iterable.toArray();
    } else {
        var results = new Abstract.Array();
        for (var i = 0; i < iterable.length; i++)
        return results;

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