I like the idea of Function.prototype.curry.  It goes hand-in-hand
with Enumerable and is useful for stuff like argument rearranging.

I feel like Function.prototype.rcurry is an edge case, but I might be
in the minority there.

While we're on the subject, I proposed Function.prototype.defer in
Campfire last week, so that instead of...

  window.setTimeout(Foo.bar.bind(Foo, "baz", "thud"), 1000);

...you can do...

  Foo.bar.defer(1000, "baz", "thud");

Feels more OOP.  Plus it'd correct scope automatically.

Anyone else have opinions on any of these?


On Apr 9, 11:21 am, Michael Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > curry. Curries (binds an argument to) a function or method.
> > Preserves this if it is bound.
> > ltrim = String.prototype.replace.curry(/^\s*/,'');
> > '  hello'.ltrim(); // => 'hello'
> > rcurry. Curries an argument to the end (instead of the beginning) of
> > the argument list. Useful for binding arguments for things like event
> > handlers, where the initial argument is always the event.
> I know I don't really get a vote on these things :), but I'd love to see these
> in Prototype. There are so many times that I want to pass a function as a
> callback with 1 arg and doing
>     function() { other_func(arg) }
> just looks ugly.
> --
> Michael Peters
> Developer
> Plus Three, LP

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