Hey Mislav,

>Good solution if your customers complain! Unfortunately, it's bad solution for 
>us, since it completely breaks all the code out there.
>The real solution is telling people whose IE crashes that they have a serious 
>flaw in their browser which can be easily fixed by disabling the flawed 
>Also they should install SP2 if this happens only on SP1 because that is 
>something they should have done years ago.

Well I guess I dont have to explain it to you :) I am also very reluctant to 
rename it, because I could controll everything that comes from us, but when the 
customer would like to have a new widget and sees: oh cool prototype is there, 
then he might get into troubles when Event is not there anymore. The IE setup 
is fixed says the customer.... Well I know that they have problems, and that 
prototype is not guilty ( besides assigning something to a common name [thats 
why i see all frameworks starting to prefix everything with ther acronym]).
Someow they consider the last coming component as the evil one. This teaches 
me, that i am allowed to write crappy software, as lon i can make sure it is 
first on the system, as the latter ones get blamed.

But thats not why I asked here, I expected some magic IE crash preventing piece 
of code. But it seems that I would have to read into how that stuff works and 
perhaps just get the TPA plugin for IE disabled for my application

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