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On 5/3/07, Michael Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Mislav Marohnić wrote:
> > Yeah, this is it. You only need Event.onReady() for this. You can find
> > it in the event branch or you can copy it over from LowPro. Once
> > Event.onReady() gets into trunk, these 3 lines will probably be all you
> > need.
> And it's even better than the current behaviour.js since you can apply it to
> sub-trees of the DOM instead the entire document. This is really useful when 
> you
> just update a portion of the page and want to reapply behaviours. And with the
> new work on 1.5.1 it should be way faster than behaviour.js with the recent 
> work
> on getElementBySelector().
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