> We found with
> one of them a bug with a customer trying to purchase with Windows 98
> and Internet Explorer 5.5. The AJAX request was never being sent by
> the browser.

Thanks for the report. I hope you realize there is not much we will do about
it: it's an unsupported (even by its vendor!) OS running an unsupported
browser. However, we will do anything we can for legacy browsers to:

   1. prevent browser crashes;
   2. avoid breaking native functionality (example: it was reported that
   including Prototype to a site prevents forms to be submitted in older

But, for browsers unsupported by Prototype we will not:

   1. make JavaScript stuff work - your visitors using those browsers
   simply won't be able to use the behavior layer;
   2. investigate or otherwise give support for strange bugs.

So, we aren't worried about this Ajax issue at all. Still, your report may
be useful if someone else searches the archives for a mention of Win98 or
IE5 and Ajax.

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