Well I think *some* level of support would be good. Random ideas :
 - create a prototype-addons list?
 - without svn/trac it will be quite difficult to have consistent qa.
I know it would be a bit difficult, but couldn't the "best" addons
(like scriptaculous) be added in a prototype-addons/ directory in the
 - documentation for addons? is the prototypejs.org doc system
extendable to addons?


On May 17, 10:38 pm, "Mislav Marohnić" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On 5/17/07, Ken Snyder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Would the Prototype Core Team endorse an official repository
> Probably, but only with scripts and plugins actually *maintained* by the
> Core team.
> ... or should we create an unofficial repository?
> The Web is free for everyone ;)
> Would you be willing to link to unofficial repositories from prototypejs.org
> > ?
> Absolutely. Tobie is already maintaining a huge list of addon scripts and
> libraries. We could add repositories to the mix, too....
> I'm sure that we could find community resources for design, hosting, and
> > maintaining an official repository.  What are the Core Team's thoughts?
> Dunno. We obviously can't tell what the community can or can't do. But we're
> always on the lookout for great Prototype-related stuff and probably
> wouldsupport such project by linking and writing about it.

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