I've a function which is called trough an click-event (defined with
Event.observe) on an input-element within a form.

Within this function I do this:
var element = Event.element(e);

var params = element.form.serialize(true);
This doesn't work in Opera and Safari (in IE and Firefox it works just

Opera throws this error:
Event thread: click

name: TypeError

message: Statement on line 3924: Type mismatch (usually a non-object
value used where an object is required)
  Line 3924 of linked script posting.js

    var params = element.form.serialize(true);
  At unknown location

    [statement source code not available]

With the following change it works in in Opera and Safari, too.
var element = Event.element(e);

var params = $(element.form).serialize(true);

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