We'd almost have to call them "viewportHeight" and
"viewportWidth" (perhaps prepended with "get"), since we already have
"viewportOffset." But I don't know where we'd put them -- they don't
work as Element methods.

I'd suggest "window" if it weren't the global namespace. Thoughts?


On Jun 6, 5:42 pm, Tobie Langel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Freddy,
> There's a ticket in tract for that already.
> the main thing that has been delaying it's implementation is finding
> the right names for these mrthods, so any suggestion is welcomed.
> Best,
> Tobie
> On Jun 6, 6:14 pm, Freddy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi Guys,
> > as far as i know there is no possibility to calculate the size of
> > browserwindow with prototype yet. But this could be very useful to
> > place e.g. a div-popup in the middle of the window.
> > I always use my own functions. If you also see a common need I would
> > create a sample patch to include it in prototype. What do you think,
> > is this useful or to specialized?

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