They are located under Prototype to incurage you to NOT use/depend/rely on 
them. You should generally not write code that tests for which browser it runs 
in - it's a job for Prototype et al. to add an abstraction layer.


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Frederic Gaus
Sendt: 7. juni 2007 09:01
Emne: [Prototype-core] Re: Browser-Class

Hi Tobie,

well, I would prefer something like a new Browser Class. So We could use


instead of


These do not really belong to "Prototype". Further we could move 
BrowserFeatures to Browser.feature.

Then we could implement


What do you think?

Tobie Langel schrieb:
> Hi Freddy,
> There's a ticket in tract for that already.
> the main thing that has been delaying it's implementation is finding
> the right names for these mrthods, so any suggestion is welcomed.
> Best,
> Tobie
> On Jun 6, 6:14 pm, Freddy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> as far as i know there is no possibility to calculate the size of
>> browserwindow with prototype yet. But this could be very useful to
>> place e.g. a div-popup in the middle of the window.
>> I always use my own functions. If you also see a common need I would
>> create a sample patch to include it in prototype. What do you think,
>> is this useful or to specialized?
> > 

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