On 6/13/07, Marius Feraru <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [ Seeing you mentioned "myIframe" (+ the reference to a "document"
> property), I'm assuming you're really talking about IFRAMEs, i.e. the HTML
> element ].
> Why would anyone expect to be able to reach other folks' documents? ;-)
> It's ugly enough that the child IFRAME has access to the "parent", now you
> want it both ways? :))

Marius, cross-frame scripting is perfectly harmless. Browsers enforce the
same-domain policy with frames, too, so you can't mess around with documents
in other frames that don't belong to your site. But when they do, being able
to mess around with them is sometimes what web apps build on.

Ever used GMail? It's a frameset.

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