Hey guys,

I'm building a web app and am hoping to minimize the images loaded per
page.  I like the way YouTube only loads the thumbnails of the images
you can see and then waits till you scroll before loading any others.
They do this by placing <img /> tags for the initial images and then
use javascript to fill out the rest.  The only problem with this is
someone without javascript won't see any of those additional images.
So my question, and thought, was to do something like this:

$$('.bureau .drawer.closed img').each(function(s) { $(s).remove(); });

That basically says find all the images in my closed tabs and remove
them (we'll add them back in when the tab is brought forward).  Only,
when I do this the images still load, probably because the browser
isn't re-fetching the DOM after I affect it, and it loading the images
it saw before my code ran.  I'm using the onDOMReady extension to
prototype and I've tried just inserting my code at the bottom of the
body.  No matter what I try the images still load.  Does anyone know
how to hijack the browser and tell it not to load certain images?


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