>> A simple unobtrusive approach would be to have a "drawer" of thumbnails
>> with a link to view more images.  For JavaScript enabled browsers,
>> simply override the functionality of that link to load a list of image
>> locations from memory or by AJAX.
> The only problem with that is people without JavaScript don't see
> those additional images.  Let me explain a little more:  I have three
> tabs, and only one can be viewed at a time.  Therefore, I'd really
> only like the images to only be loaded in the first viewed tab,
> there's no since loading images in a tab people can't see.  Then when
> people click over to another tab those images are loaded.
> Make sense?
No.  I don't see how you can click over to another tab or load more 
images unless you use JavaScript and or provide a link that loads a new 
page with new images.  You can only control the loading of images by 
changing the URL or JavaScripting.

Maybe provide an example page?


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