I know I'm a little late on this one, but as the person who originally
filed the bug report, I thought I'd put in a word...

Personally, I'm happy with leaving the $() function untouched. People
who get caught out by it will now be able to see what the problem is
and what the workarounds are, and even have code they can use as a
wrapper if they want, thanks to the patch on Trac and the messages
here that include code.

Finally, an aside on not having control over the HTML source:
I ran into this issue when using the radio_button_tag helper method in
Rails, which inconveniently used the name of the input as the id -
unhelpful, as all the radio buttons in a group have the same name in
order to group them. This may be the sort of thing people are talking
about when they say they don't have control over the HTML source -
changing what your HTML generator outputs can be fiddly, if you've not
looked at how it works. Fiddling with rails was actually fairly easy,
but I've had to do similar things to another templating engine and
that was a lot harder!


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