On 27/06/07, Tobias Haagen Michaelsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> JavaScript is not a class based language and I think it is a mistake to try 
> to hard to make it act like one. Many have tried this - and failed.
> I think we should focus some more on what it is we want to be able to do and 
> not trying to make JavaScript into something it isn't.
> One of the reasons I love Prototype is because it utilises the strengths of 
> the language.
> I don't want a lot of new 'magic' ways of doing stuff that is already 
> possible pretty clean ways.
> Just my 2 cents -- since I felt this discussion was heading in a 'lets make 
> JS more like Java/C++/etc. (or even Ruby)' :)
> -Tobias

I don't think TPTB are trying to make JS into Java/PHP, etc. Just
trying to make it easier for those that use OOP in the server all day
long have a helping hand in getting similar functionality into their
client side work.

Richard Quadling
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