Nice work.

Have you checked the Template class ? It has a lot of similarities
with your $Q function.



On Jul 3, 5:06 am, Nicolas Sanguinetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After a few days working on a few hacks for 'enhancing' dates here and
> there (like strftime, which days are in a month), I got tired and
> extracted most of that into a library. I then ported a few utilities
> from ActiveSupport::CoreExt, a few more, a few more, heck, I ported
> the Inflector :P
> Anyway, I thought I'd release this as a library, which can be found 
> athttp://code.google.com/p/active-support-for-javascript/
> It implements string interpolation (I grew really tired of writing +
> to concatenate fragments of strings) a la ruby with
> $Q("My name is #{obj.name} and I'm #{pluralize(age(), 'year')} old");
> The Date code is kind of messy still, and it has zero tests* (which is
> my first priority right now). Except for a few of the methods on Date,
> it's a 'one weekend' project, so its immature, in the sense that
> a) there isn't a scope defined about how much should be added or how
> far should it reach
> b) it implements some useless stuff (like the (5).megabytes() and
> friends)
> c) it has no real tests (did I mention that already? :))
> d) zero documentation
> It depends on Prototype trunk as it uses Function#curry and
> Function#methodize in a couple of places. (I use a hand-built version
> of Prototype with the Function goodness patched in.)
> Future plans (after adding tests to what's already there):
> - cleaning the code
> - creating a build script that builds the script through in a
> "dependency tree" (sort of MooTools package builder), so you can just
> get what you need of it
> - documenting a bit (most of the stuff can be found documented on Ruby/
> ActiveSupport's docs though)
> I'd like to get some feedback on this, particularly if you think this
> kind of project is too far-fetched/useless or if you can see some use
> for them (I know I've needed some of this stuff on javascript a few
> times, but I also know most of them aren't "core enough" to actually
> be submitted as patches to prototype -- though I might write a couple
> in a few days :))
> Thanks for your time,
> -foca
> * I actually started writing something, but the BDD extensions of
> script.aculo.us felt kind of restrictive, and I couldn't find a way
> around that, so discarded that.

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