mariux schrieb:
> On Jul 20, 7:01 pm, Frederic Gaus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>> I noticed yesterday, that Z-indexes are not observed when calculating
>>>> cumulativeOffset.
>>> Maybe I'm mising something, but what does a z-index have to do with where 
>>> the
>>> element is positioned? It affects the depth but not the position right?
>> It does affecting the position. Check this 
>> out:
> in this selfhtml example z-index is just affecting the depth, as
> michael mentioned..
> i'm new to prototype and javascripting but i just run into a bug,
> where cumulativeOffset does not add the border-width when calculating
> the offset and so returning "wrong" coordinates. So the current
> Event.pointerX() und Event.pointerY() were not Position.within() of
> the involved element, even if the mouse has never left this element..
> i tried to fix it, but i am still having a +-2px offset in IE which i
> can not explain.
> may be you have a similar problem when using cumulativeOffset()..

Yes, your right, this is my problem - not as I first thought the Z-index.

Could you post your fixed code so that I can try it?



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