Good idea, jdalton!

btw, couple of weeks ago I rolled something that might help us with

(the feeds are taken from - it's a
quite-often-updated collection of latest betas)


P.S. There might be some bugs on that page but I have no time to work
on it further (prototype extensions library is first priority right
now and is taking all my time)

On Jul 27, 3:19 pm, jdalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi All and Mislav 8P,
> I figured I would start a general post that allowed for a continued
> updated thread to inform of sites picking up the Prototype and Scripty
> tourch.
> As I have mentioned.http://www.newgrounds.comhas,
> as well as new game video capture sharing startup
> its even on some pages of Kevin Rose's new venture:

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